Compound Operator, Downstairs

Utility Operator:
Package PVC Compound in bags, boxes, and bulk.Label packaging according to instructions on schedule.Assemble boxes.Take samples and transport to lab.Clean unit between products.Housekeeping in assigned areas.Understand and follow established safety procedures.Understand and follow standard operating procedures.Understand and follow lockout/tagout procedures.Interpret schedule to correctly label production packaging.Monitor finished material for proper quality.Operate fork truck and electric hand truck safely.Utilize the proper tools for the job being done.Utilize exact weight scales and floor scales to properly weigh finished product.
Unit Operator:
Operate either a Banbury type batch mixer or a continuous mixer.Operate Pelletizing system.Collect data on production area.All Utility Operator functions listed above.
Plastic Support:
All Utility Operator functions listed above.Maintain finished goods inventory.Recycle B-grade. Back-up the Material Coordinator Raw Materials. Back-up to all Material Handler positions.Maintain printers. Weigh each pallet or box of compound when it is complete. Properly mark and tag boxes, bags or pallets. Verify bag weights and pallet weights. Complete all paperwork properly. Keep work area clean at all times.Assist in cleaning dicer housing. Fabricate boxes for packaging compound. Assist in cleaning other areas within the department. Report any problems with your equipment immediately.Complete any other assignment given to you by your Crew leader or Supervisor.Maintain a reasonable level of quality production.
Unit Operator:
Perform all job duties in a safe and productive manner.Clean out material conveyors, Banbury, pit, mill and dicer between compound runs.Operate Banbury-mill system as scheduled on either compound or scrap production.Keep work station clean at all times. Includes hood, pan, dicer house and area as per clean up
Maintain a reasonable level of quality production.Complete paperwork properly.Keep cooling tank empty of any foreign material.Assist with cleaning other areas within the department.Report any problems with your equipment immediately. This includes any powder, water, steam
and air or oil leaks.
Complete any other assignment given to you by your Crew leader or Supervisor.Understand and follow established safety procedures.Understand and follow standard operating procedures.Understand and follow lockout/tagout procedures.Understand and follow specific unit/compound instructions written on unit instruction sheet.Understand and follow both written and verbal instructions.Utilize the proper tools for the job being done.Set temperature controllers, weigh scales, and batch weights according to unit instruction sheet.Monitor product to insure productivity and quality goals are achieved.
Plastics Support:
All Utility Operator responsibilities and authority listed above.Process downgrade and upgrade rejects from lab.Process customer returns.Maintain PC file for B-grade daily.Print B-grade PC reports.Review, change, print, sort, and file in the Supervisor's Office.Monitor manufacturing supplies.Provide for needs of the office.Perform assigned responsibilities in the Department's Training Program.Perform assigned responsibilities in quarterly inventories.Actively participate in department's focus on goals.Skills/Education Requirements:
Unit and Utility Operator:
High School Diploma or GED or two years minimum work experience at TA/TN.Must have a valid driver's license.
Plastics Support:
All Utility Operator skills/education requirements above.Good written and verbal skills.Self-motivated and able to work with little supervision.Good organizational skills.Ability to work in a team environment.Ability to adjust to change.Ability to prioritize tasks.Maintain a good attendance and job performance record.Computer skills preferred but not required.Compound experience will be given preference.Qualifications & Competencies
. Essential Physical Requirements:
Bend, stoop, and lean over for extended periods while cleaning equipment.Weigh, stack and stencil 50 lb bags ? 5 to a layer ? 9 layers a pallet-appx. 20,000-30,000 lbs per
shift. Bending, reaching and stretching while assembling boxes.
Dump start up drums into back of Banbury weighing appx. 60 lbs without help (can be as heavy as
150 lbs with help).
Charge ingredients weighing appx. 40-50 lbs into back of Banbury. Can be as frequently as 15-20
times an hour.
Climb down ladder/steps to clean lower Banbury area.Operate fork and hand truck.Ability to climb ladder or stairs.Ability to wear required safety equipment.

Don't Be Fooled

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